Tanzania local agency

  • Gifted Adventures we are a local company formed by young entrepreneurs, full of enthusiasm and motivation.
  • We want Gifted Adventures to be the respectful and exemplary version of conscious tourism in Africa.
  • We know how to listen to what you need as a customer, we know how to listen to what our workers need to feel comfortable and we know how to listen to what the planet needs.

Welcome to Gifted Adventures !


Our passion and love for animals move us to maintain attitudes of respect at all times and to show visitors that conscious tourism is possible.

We are a local agency committed to the environment and therefore we want to promote   responsible travel with minimal impact on the planet.

Gifted Adventures arose from the need to create a working group that could guarantee decent wages to all its guides, workers and collaborators.

We also collaborate with different volunteer programs in hospitals, schools and orphanages, and it is that taking care of the human part is one of our most important objectives.

Currently we allocate 10% of the benefits to the community helping the most disadvantaged children and those with the worst socio-family environment to have access to education.

In the future we plan to collaborate in the construction of a new school in Tanzania and also facilitate the management of plastic waste in the area, thus helping to solve an important part of the country’s environmental pollution problem.

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