Mount Kenya is the first highest mountain in Kenya and the second Mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro with 5199 Metres high. This mountain is located around 150 km-northeast of the Nairobi city and it consist three highest peaks which are almost all of a volcanic origin;   Batian (5,199 metres), Nelion (5,188 metres and Point Lenana (4,985 metres high.

It is approximated Mount Kenya created over 3 million years 7,000 metres high after the opening of the East African rift. It was covered by an ice cap for thousands of years. This has resulted in very eroded slopes and numerous valleys radiating from the centre. There are currently 11 small glaciers, which are shrinking rapidly, and will likely be gone forever by 2050, due to global warming. The forested slopes are an important source of water for much of Kenya.

Mount Kenya was established in 1949, protects the region surrounding the mountain. Currently the national park is within the forest reserve which encircles it.In April 1978 the area was designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, in 1997 The national park and the forest reserve, combined and became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in

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