Harbouring a resident population of over 1,400 different species of birds plus many more that come down from the Eurasian and Southern African regions, birding in Tanzania promises an experience that is sure to satiate every avid twitcher. From the massive Marshall eagle and the delicate sunbird to the rare shoebill and a range of endemic and migratory birds, the range of potentials of birdwatching in Tanzania goes round-the-clock.

Birding Information

Serengeti National Park is known for its vast grasslands and herds of wildlife, but it's also a fantastic birdwatching destination. The park is home to over 500 species of birds, including raptors, waterfowl, and songbirds. Some of the most sought-after species include the Kori Bustard, Secretary Bird, and Martial Eagle. The park is also home to large flocks of Lesser Flamingos, which can be seen wading in the shallow lakes.

Tarangire National Park is located in northern Tanzania and is known for its large herds of elephants, but it's also a great place for Birding in Tanzania. The park is home to over 550 species of birds, including the endemic Ashy Starling and Yellow-collared Lovebird. Other species to look out for include the Lilac-breasted Roller, African Pygmy Kingfisher, and the Red-and-yellow Barbet.

Lake Manyara National Park is famous for its tree-climbing lions, but it's also an excellent destination for birdwatching. The park is home to over 400 species of birds, including the flamingo, pelican, and stork. The lake is an important breeding ground for several waterfowl species, including the Yellow-billed Stork and the African Spoonbill. Other species to look out for include the Crested Guinea fowl, Fischer's Lovebird, and the Grey-crested Helmet-Shrike.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is a vast area of protected land that includes the Ngorongoro Crater, a large caldera that's home to a diverse range of wildlife. The crater is also a great place for Birding in Tanzania, with over 500 species of birds recorded in the area. Some of the most sought-after species include the Kori Bustard, Schalow's Turaco, and the Lesser Flamingo. Other species to look out for include the Verreaux's Eagle, the Rufous-tailed Weaver, and the Hildebrandt's Starling.

Arusha National Park is a small park located near the town of Arusha, and it's an excellent destination for birdwatching. The park is home to over 400 species of birds, including several endemic species such as the Tanzania Weaver and the Scarce Swift. Other species to look out for include the Crowned Eagle, the African Fish Eagle, and the Schalow's Turaco. The park is also home to several montane forest species, including the Olive Thrush and the Mountain Yellow Warbler.

The wilderness of Tanzania offers the ultimate haven for birdwatching. The immense concentrations of everything from endangered, near-endemic, endemic, and migrants make Birding in Tanzania one of the most sought-after safari activities. And few destinations compare to the experience that Lake Manyara and Tarangire National Park offer.

The best time for Birding in Tanzania is when the majority of the species are in the breeding plumage, which occurs in the wet season. Another added advantage of this is seeing the northern migrants that visit the country during this period.

In the general run of things, Tanzania is a birdwatcher's paradise, with a range of diverse ecosystems and habitats that support a wide variety of bird species. Whether you're interested in coastal wetlands or high-altitude forests, the birding possibilities cater to every one’s inclinations.

Endemic and near-endemic by-products of Birding in Tanzania
  • Usambara Weaver
  • Banded Green Sunbird
  • Kipengere Seedeater
  • Loveridge’s Sunbird
  • Pemba Scops Owl

*The promised land of birdwatchers!

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