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Serengeti National Park

Expansive golden savannahs on the backdrop of endless horizons, with yellow vegetation swaying along the gentle breeze. These are just some of the wow factors of Serengeti National Park, one of Africa’s most fabulous wildlife reserves. From the Great Wildebeest Migration and hot air balloon safaris to year-round wildlife viewing, there’s a whole lot to unpack on a Tanzania Safari Holidays.

Serengeti National Park Information

The best way to Getting To Serengeti National Park is by air. International flights land at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), which is located between the towns of Arusha and Moshi. Private airstrips within the parks are also a good option, though you’ll have to book a private or charter flight. Apart from this, drive-in and self0drive safaris are some other possibilities.

The Best Time For Serengeti National Park Tours is during the dry season which runs from June to October. The reason for this is the thinner and shorter vegetation that makes seeing animals a lot easier and more convenient. Remember that a visit during the wet season isn’t discouraged because this is a great time to see the calving and predator action, photographic safaris, and birdwatching.

The vast area of Serengeti National Park inhabits a wide range of attractions. These include places like the Olduvai Gorge where you can see ancient humanoid remains, the Seronera region which is the predator capital of the park, the Ndutu plains where you can see the calving season in full effect, the Mara and Grumeti river crossings where you’ll see herds of wildebeests plunge into the waters and fight for survival.

Serengeti Safari has a wide variety of activities that you can indulge yourself in. For example, game drives across the expansive grasslands, hot air balloon safaris, a visit to the Moru Kopjes, Maasai cultural tours, Great Migration Serengeti Safaris, etc.

If you want to find the perfect spot in the wilderness to tone things down and fall asleep under the shimmering skyline, then there are a lot of options on a Serengeti Safari. From budget campsites and tented camps to more high-end lavish game lodges plus everything that falls between – the needs of every budget will be fulfilled.

The entrance fee for Serengeti National Park is $70 (plus 18% VAT). And, the 2-Day Serengeti Safari Costs start from $750 (per person, per day) and go up to $1300 (per person, per day). The cost implications of Serengeti Safari Packages are based on what type of accommodation you opt for and what safari activities you plan to take part in.

The vast expanses of the Serengeti stretch for more than 14,000 km from the north to Kenya and border Lake Victoria to the west. The park is renowned for its abundance of wildlife and for playing host to the greatest natural spectacle that the world can see – the Great Migration Serengeti Safaris.

The park has the highest concentrations of large mammals on the planet and is famous for harbouring more than 2,500 lions which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. But, wildlife isn’t the only thing that Tanzania Safari Holidays offer, it’s also home to a myriad of bird species that go up to 500 in number.

The amazing biodiversity of flora and fauna and some of the most luxurious accommodation choices make the Serengeti a favourite among both new and seasoned travellers. Private tented camps deliver a retreat in the underexplored regions of the wilderness while family lodges have great amenities that are age-appropriate.

A whole selection of safari activities that cover every extreme – from relaxing and fun to thrilling and heart-pumping are there to choose from on Serengeti Safari Tours. These include game drives in the golden grasslands, aerial hot-air balloon rides, and cultural tours.

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Serengeti National Park faq's

No two trips are the same

Everything that you wish to know about Serengeti National Park, we’ll do our best to cover, so you can enjoy your safari without a worry in the world!

It is highly recommended to have a guide when visiting the park to ensure your safety and to get the most out of your visit.

The main access gates of the Serengeti open at 6.00 am in the morning and close at 6.00 pm in the afternoon. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t arrive at any of the entrance gates later than 3.00 pm.

Yes, there are several lodges and campsites located inside the park where you can stay.

The park has a tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 30°C throughout the year.

Serengeti is home to many species of big cats, herbivores, all of the big five animals, and more than 500 species of birds. So, if you’re a wildlife enthusiast, then be prepared for a great time on Serengeti Safari Tours.

Some popular Serengeti Safari Attractions include game drives, walking safaris, hot air balloon rides, and cultural tours.

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