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When to visit serengeti

The density of a sheer unbelievable number of animals makes Serengeti National Park Safaris great all year round. But, the Best Time To Visit Serengeti is during the dry season (from June to October). That doesn’t mean that other times of the year aren’t optimal. Not the slightest bit! Because some of the most terrific experiences can be had during these periods like seeing the calving season and a plethora of migrant birds.

When to visit serengeti information

Serengeti National Park during the period from June to October, Serengeti experiences winter, which is also called the dry season. When you’re searching for When to Visit Serengeti, then this should be your most preferred pick of the lot. Wildlife viewing is spectacular, it hardly ever rains and the weather remains consistently pleasant.

This takes place in November and lasts until early to mid-December. The weather tends to get a bit hotter though it doesn’t rain as much compared to the period of long rains. These are the Best Months to Visit Serengeti if you prefer fewer crowds and scenically lush surroundings.

This period starts in mid to late December and lasts until February. The weather during this time tends to get very hot, but wildlife viewing remains better than ever as several animals flock to the watering holes in search of water.

The long rainy season of the Serengeti runs from March to May, and it rains a lot during these times. This is a good time to see the migrating herds of zebras and wildebeests. Though what makes this the Best Time of Year to Visit Serengeti is the presence of migratory bird species.

Most travellers when weighing their options of When to Visit Serengeti, generally prefer the Dry Season, and for good reason. This is the best time for game viewing across the safari areas. The Great Migration Serengeti is at its peak and the chances of catching the iconic Mara River crossings are at an all-time high.

If you want to avoid crowds and have a relatively exclusive Tanzania Safari Holidays, then a visit during the wet season is highly recommended. And, that’s even without mentioning the fact that this is the peak time for birdwatching on the backdrop of some splendid and vibrant surroundings.

If you want to see some action-packed predator-prey action then, the early months of the year are the Best Time to visit Serengeti. This is the time when several newborn calves are being born and predators lie in anticipation waiting for the moment to strike. This is truly the circle of life captured at its finest and merciless.

Chronicling the experiences of the Serengeti
  • Wildlife viewing – Dry Season
  • Photographic Safaris – Wet Season
  • Great Migration Safaris – Dry Season
  • Birdwatching – Wet Season
  • Rutting and Calving Season – January and February

*An impressively sensational natural phenomenon in each of Serengeti’s seasons.

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