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Getting To Arusha

Arusha National Park is one of Tanzania's most popular tourist destinations, known for its diverse landscapes, abundant wildlife, and breathtaking views of Mount Meru, Kilimanjaro's little brother. Getting to Arusha National Park is easy, with several options available to visitors.

Getting To Arusha information

The closest airport to Arusha National Park is the Kilimanjaro International Airport, which is located about kilometres away. From the airport, visitors can take a taxi or shuttle to the park. The airport also has car rental services available for visitors who want to explore the park on their own.

Arusha National Park is located about 32 kilometers northeast of Arusha town, making it easily accessible by road. Visitors can take a taxi or a private car from the town to the park entrance. Alternatively, visitors can also take a local bus from the Arusha bus station to Momella gate, which is the main entrance to the park.

There is no direct train service to Arusha National Park, but visitors can take a train to Arusha town and then take a taxi or local bus to the park. The Tanzania-Zambia Railway (TAZARA) operates trains between Dar es Salaam and Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia, with a stop in Arusha town.

Visitors can also book guided tours to Arusha National Park through local tour operators. These tours typically include transportation from the visitor's hotel or lodge to the park, park fees, and a guide. The advantage of a guided tour is that visitors can learn about the park's history, wildlife, and plants from a knowledgeable guide.

Once visitors arrive at the park entrance, they will need to pay the park fees before entering. These fees include Arusha National Park Entrance Fees, vehicle fee, camping fee, and guide fee (if applicable). Visitors should also check the park's opening hours and rules before entering.

Arusha National Park is a beautiful and diverse park, with several attractions worth visiting. Visitors can go on game drives to see animals such as giraffes, buffalos, zebras, and various antelopes. The park also has several hiking trails, with the most popular being the climb up Mount Meru. The park's diverse landscapes also offer visitors a chance to see waterfalls, crater lakes, and montane forests.

Getting to Arusha National Park is easy, with several options available to visitors. Whether visitors choose to travel by air, road, train, or guided tour, they will have a memorable Tanzania Safari Holidays experience exploring the park's diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. Visitors should make sure to check the park's opening hours and rules before entering and pay the necessary park fees.

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