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Tarangire Attractions

The massive elephant population, baobab trees, a mini migration, and rich habitats comprise the major Tarangire Attractions. The park’s distinct ecosystems provide a safe habitat for a varied amount of wildlife. And, these animals can be conveniently seen on game drives and walking tours in Tarangire National Park. With piles of attractions in the park, it’s undeniably a crucial part of the Tanzania Safari Holidays.

Tarangire Attractions information

This is the lifeline of the wildlife and birdlife of Tarangire National Park. This is because the water supply of the river and the close by seasonal swamps retain a good amount of water and supports various life forms. Animals like zebras, impalas, wildebeests, elephants, and gazelles come to the river to cool off and quench their thirst. This makes the river one of the Best Tarangire Tourist Attractions.

One cannot miss out on including the elephant population of the park when talking about best Things to See in Tarangire. The park has some of the highest densities of elephants in Tanzania and they can be seen digging away at the dry river beds with their trunks in search of underground streams.

Another one of the Tarangire Attractions is the giant and ancient baobab trees. They are a nourishing life force that holds a large amount of water during the wet season. When the dry season eventually arrives, this water acts as a source of life for the surrounding wildlife. Baobabs are also called the trees of life and have a life expectancy of more than 600 years.

The seasonal nature of Tarangire National Park enables wildlife migration within the ecosystem. It is quite common to see herds of elephants, gazelles, hartebeests, wildebeests and predators like leopards, African Wild dogs, and lions in the park in great numbers. This makes the migration spectacle one of the major highlights of Tarangire.

The northwest region of the park is home to one of the major Tarangire Attractions, called the Matete Woodlands. These woodlands comprise riverine hills that overflow with plenty of wildlife. This is a unique land consisting of tall elephant grass and acacia woodlands. Several baobab trees are also found towering over the vast flora and fauna found in the area.

This attraction is found in the northernmost section of the park and is bordered by the Burunge circuit on the west and the Tarangire River on the east. The Lemiyon Triangle offers great raptor viewing with frequent sightings of tawny, martial, and long-crested eagles.

Tarangire National Park is typically assigned just a day on a Tanzania Safari Holidays but it deserves a whole lot more, especially during the stretch of the dry season. This is when the Tarangire Attractions set against the backdrop of some amazingly rich habitats come alive.

From the giant swap of Silale and the Tarangire River to the riverine lands bursting with Tarangire Wildlife, the Tarangire National Park Attractions have a great deal to offer. This is a place where gigantic herds of elephants dot the grasslands of the park, where the roars of lions can be heard at night and the stunning backdrops make for some amazingly attractive photographic shots.

As the park is seasonal, it brings with it spans of rain showers. And this natural phenomenon changes the surroundings in a way that you won’t ever expect. Plus, it brings flocks of Eurasian migratory birds that enhance the birdwatching experience even more. With such an expansive variety of Places to Visit in Tarangire, you can rest assured that your Tanzania Safari Experience here will be incredible.

Supplementary Splendid Sights of Tarangire
  • Hot Air Balloon Rides
  • Unbelievable Birdwatching
  • Maasai Cultural Tours
  • Tree Climbing Lions
  • Poacher’s Hide

*Always be mindful and follow the rules and regulations of the park’s authorities.

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