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Tarangire Wildlife

The expansive grasslands of Tarangire National Park are home to a varied range of wildlife species, including some of the largest herds of elephants on the planet. On top of being the elephant kingdom of Tanzania, the park has some of the richest biodiversity that provides a haven for this range of Tarangire Wildlife.

Tarangire Wildlife information

Tarangire National Park Safari will take you to the heart of the elephant nation of Tanzania where you’ll be able to see these gentle giants in their natural environment. The herds of elephants can reach over 300 members.

When it comes to Tarangire National Park Animals, two species of antelopes certainly overshine. These are the fascinating gerenuks and fringe-eared Oryxes. Thus, an exciting Tarangire Wildlife Safari with the presence of rare species is guaranteed in the park.

Tarangire means a river of warthogs and the park couldn’t be more aptly named as there’s a huge concentration of warthogs in the park, especially around the woodlands of the river itself.

When you think of Tanzania Safari Holidays in Tarangire, the animal that comes to mind is for sure lions lazing on the top of acacia and sausage branches. The park is home to around 650 lions, making for some reliable and convenient sightings.

A Tarangire Wildlife Safari allows you to see a wide spectrum of animals and birds that inhabit the plains, woodlands, riverine forests, and rivers of the park. And, the Tarangire River acts as a magnet for the animals, so one thing that you’ll have no question about is an out-of-world and out-of-body game viewing experience.

One thing that makes a Tarangire Wildlife Safari stand out is the relatively uncrowded and exclusive Tanzania Game Drive Safari experience. Expect to see several animals on safaris here including massive bush elephants, lions, hippos, hyenas, leopards, cape buffaloes, cheetahs, warthogs, black-backed jackals, and many more.

Moreover, Tarangire National Park is also a major birdwatching hotspot. The park has more than 500 recorded species of birds and these populations are some of the most diverse in Africa. Birds like hornbills and flamingos are drawn to the park for the numerous swamps and lakes. While other species enjoy the plentiful acacia trees because the trees’ long thorns offer a great foundation for building nests.

Topping things off, the primate populations are also a major component of Tarangire Wildlife. These include vervet monkeys, large troops of baboons, etc. The blue, black and grey vervet monkeys contrast brilliantly with the green grass in the background of the park.

Some major big shots of Tarangire Safaris
  • Predators – Lions, leopards, caracals, cheetahs, etc.
  • Amphibians – African bullfrogs, Common platanna, bubbling kassina, etc.
  • Fish – Tilapia, Catfish, African lungfish
  • Mammals – Elephants, Giraffes, warthogs, wildebeests, etc.
  • Reptiles – Nile crocodiles, leopard tortoises, black-necked spitting cobras, etc.

*The charm of Tarangire - Fewer crowds and an extra range of wildlife!

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