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When to visit lake manyara

The constant source of water in the alkaline lake that covers two-thirds of the total area of Lake Manyara National Park makes safaris here optimal all year round. The dry season (from June to October and January to February) is considered the Best Time to visit Lake Manyara. But, the activity that the park is most renowned for (birdwatching) is perfect in the wet season.

When to visit lake manyara information

The dry season of Lake Manyara National Park is from June to October and if you’re wondering when to go to Lake Manyara then this is the season, because of the outstanding game viewing opportunities and gathering of animals around the watering holes.

The short rains in Lake Manyara National Park fall in the months of November and December. The temperatures are humid during this time and short thunderstorms happen in the afternoon and evenings. Even though there’s a fair bit of rainfall this season, it won’t affect your Tanzania Safari Holidays.

The short dry season in the park occurs in the months of January and February. This season is also considered the Best Time to visit Lake Manyara. But keep in mind that because it’s the peak season, there are more crowds around and you’ll need to book your safari accommodations and activities well in advance.

November to May is when the park experiences the long rains and the surroundings get transformed into a vibrant green. April and May fall in the peak of the long rains so there are fewer crowds around and you may also have a chance to benefit from lower costs. Birdwatching is at its prime this season because of the presence of migratory birds.

When you’re finalizing the Best Time of Year to visit Lake Manyara, you should weigh up your preferences. This is because each season in the park offers different sorts of experiences. So, decide what you want to experience first and then pick the go-to season.

The dry season (June to October and January and February) is known for offering classic wildlife viewing opportunities. Because of the limited water sources, you can maximize your game-viewing experience and explore the vast richness and wilderness of Lake Manyara National Park.

On the contrary, the wet season is the Best Time to visit Lake Manyara Park for photographic safaris and birdwatching. And, the presence of migratory birds makes Lake Manyara way more beautiful and appealing. Plus, there are fewer crowds so you can enjoy a relatively exclusive Tanzania Safari Experience.

Gazetting Lake Manyara’s Seasonal Background
  • Game viewing – Dry Season
  • Birdwatching – Long Wet Season
  • Photographic Safaris – Long Wet Season
  • Walking Safaris – Dry Season
  • Night Game Drives – Throughout the year

*Exemplary Experiences throughout the different seasons in Lake Manyara.

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