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When To Climb Kilimanjaro

You’ve finally decided to accept the challenge of climbing the highest free-standing mountain on Earth. Next, you need to know about the Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro. It’s theoretically likely to Climb Kilimanjaro throughout the year. But, remember that certain months feature cold weather, rainfall, and snow. We recommend that you Climb Kilimanjaro during the dry and warm times of the year. I.e. From December to March and June to October.

When To Climb Kilimanjaro information

These are great months if you’re wondering When to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. But they are also one of the most popular, so you should expect plenty of crowds. The weather in these months is clear with sunny skies. Though some rainfall may occur in the afternoon.

These months mark the long rainy season of Kilimanjaro. You can still take a Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours up the mountain but know that the trails will be wet and slippery. Be prepared for the trails and pack the necessary pieces of equipment and clothing items.

There is some rainfall in these months, mainly in the moorland and rainforest regions. But the weather conditions are characteristically dry. The backdrops at this time are also amazing. There are a bit more crowds in these months but having more people around means that the team spirit will be up.

This is the start of the short rainy season in Kilimanjaro. Though rains are common, in the morning – the skies are mostly clear. Trekking trails are slippery, wet, and muddy in these months. Again, ensure that you have all the proper equipment if you plan for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in these months.

The weather conditions on Mount Kilimanjaro can fluctuate from scorching hot to extremely cold within a period of just a day. But, the temperatures don’t contrast much from season to season. Rather, the temperatures on the mountain are determined predominantly by the time of day and altitude profile.

Although the Dry Months are recommended as the Best Time to Climb Kilimanjaro, the mountain has something for every month. So, pick your best time to Climb Kilimanjaro based on your personal preferences.

Moreover, Kilimanjaro Climbing Tours during the full moon is highly recommended. At this time, the summit of the mountain is lit up by the moon and the views are simply remarkable. So, decide on what weather conditions and trails are suitable for you before considering When to Climb Kilimanjaro and your overall experience will be enhanced greatly.

Climbing Kilimanjaro Seasonal Attributes
  • Your Fitness Level
  • Your Budget
  • Your Schedule
  • What Route you pick
  • Altitude Profiles

*Clear up these factors before planning your climbing adventure!

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